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Should you and a family member have been injured in an accident involving a truck you are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries you sustained. Intentionally reckless gatherings should have to be punished. But, even if the drivers and shipping firms are protected, however, you could be denied a full and fair financial recovery in the event that you are facing them on your own. A licensed Los Angeles truck mishap lawyer at Rose, Klein, and Marias LLP will help you get the amount you are due following an incident that was a major mishap on the apparatus.

We were founded in 1936. set up our own law firm for physical issues. Since then, we’ve been able to assist countless families and individuals to recover compensation for their terrible injuries or for the unfair death of a loved one.

With 10 offices that serve clients across Southern California and the Central Valley especially within Bakersfield, Fresno, and the Visalia-Porterville region.


Ten locations are available throughout Southern California for your convenience. We don’t think you should need to drive for hours to see the best quality of service.

We’re committed to getting the highest possible compensation for your needs while offering individual service.

We do not face threats from large groups or powerful legal organizations. We are dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of harm.

Our lawyers for physical issues located in Los Angeles operate on the basis of a potential charge. We do not charge upfront for our services, but there is a possibility of being costed in the event that we prevail.


In the event of a shipping accident A trucking company’s one main goal: be free of any responsibility. In spite of adequate protection, many shipping companies will not provide guarantees for damages. They’ll allocate crucial legal resources to fighting the risk and will set aside funds. An attorney has assets that the person is able to effectively utilize to benefit you.

Legal counsel can help to build a convincing case against the shipping firm and show their responsibility with the help of a solid legal system. In the course of the protection negotiation with any among the Los Angeles truck accident lawyers will not permit you to accept any less than the total worth in your situation. We will ensure the most remuneration for any responsible party regardless of whether they’re individuals or business shipping companies.


Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Shipping is controlled by the government to enhance the safety of the driver as well as others who travel on the roads. The failure to adhere to these guidelines is considered negligence and could cause catastrophic injuries. Inducing transporters to spend long periods of time wandering about as an example, could result in reckless driver mishaps or a crash in the most unnatural of times because of exhaustion.

Inadequately stacking freight or complying with weight restrictions can result in the removal of freight in the course of transportation. This could result in the truck being pocketknife upon busy streets, causing serious injuries to people who walk by them. Intoxicated driving, driving while distracted, or speeding in order to meet time-constrained requirements are just a few examples of carelessness by drivers in major commercial truck accidents.

Our success in truck crash lawsuits is due to our meticulous investigation into the reasons for the incident. After a commercial truck crash, we look into the root circumstances to determine if the incident was the result of a negligent driver or other causes, like the vehicle’s parts that were damaged.

An accident with a semi-truck may be attributed to multiple parties. Our experienced truck accident lawyers from Los Angeles aggressively approach each case to ensure that responsible parties are held accountable.


Large truck collisions could be fatal for drivers of smaller vehicles. A car that is involved in a collision involving fenders with a passenger vehicle will most likely have a totally different outcome than one involving a truck. While some semi-truck injuries victims might be able to get away with minor injuries such as bruises or scratches, however, most large truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries or, more serious, death wrongful. These are the most typical injuries that occur in truck accidents:

Terrible cerebrum wound spinal strings injuries
Neck injuries
Back bruises
Consume the wounds
Bone cracks
Improper demise

If you or someone you love was injured in the course of a Los Angeles truck accident, talk to an experienced lawyer for truck accidents to understand how to safeguard your rights.

Who can be held LIABLE in the event of a truck accident?

The majority of accidents involving trucks that occur in Los Angeles are caused by an inability to organize the truck. The operations of the shipping company, along with the operations of its huge carriers, could be at risk. It is the duty of each shipping company to avoid accidents to the greatest extent possible.

This can be achieved through regular vehicle inspections, efficient strategies for recruiting and preparing as well as adherence to the federal shipping security regulations. If the company is not responsible for meeting its duty of security and causes a preventable accident, the company could be in danger.

The shipping company can be held accountable for the negligence of its employees, which includes transporters who are contracted to use their services, as per the standard of vicarious liability. If the incident resulted from an individual such as a freight loader, transporter or ground regulator, or any other employee of the shipping company the company itself will be held accountable for the duration that the responsible party was working during the time of the negligence. Because the shipping business has precedence in over individual drivers when it comes to the insurance policy, it is possible to count on that the company will cover the injuries.

We also have been involved in truck accident cases within Los Angeles with outsider litigants at the law firm of Rose, Klein, and Marias LLP. An outsider is a person who is uninvolved in the incident and, therefore, played a role in the catastrophe or the injuries of casualties. An example of this is a company that manufactures trucks that manufactured a damaged or dangerous part of a vehicle.

The responsibility of a manufacturer can be demonstrated by faulty brakes or a tire winning. Other models are those of the City of Los Angeles (assuming that the incident was the result of a road defect, like potholes) or another vehicle with an engine or driver. Our experienced Los Angeles truck mishap lawyer can assist you in determining the cause and delegating risk in your particular accident with a truck.


If you’re a victim of a car accident and you need to act swiftly in bringing your claim for damages from a truck accident in order to meet the recording time limit in California or the legal limit. A victim of an accident in California has a long time from the time of the truck crash or disclosure of injury to make a claim for a physical issue in the common courts.

Most of the time that you fail to file a claim of an illness or injury, or not failing to submit a claim within the time limit can result in the case being dismissed by the court. In the event of a semi-truck collision do not hesitate to act. To protect your rights as a legal person, you should contact a top lawyer in truck accidents located in Los Angeles as soon as you can.


Compensation for Accident victims in California

“How much is my physical warranty worth?” is a frequent question we get from our customers during our complimentary initial case exams throughout Los Angeles. Although every client’s response is likely to be different, the kinds of damages offered are generally the same from one case to the next which includes financial, non-financial, and corrective damages.

Based on the current circumstances of your accident case the settlement or award may be able to compensate you for many different catastrophes. With a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles truck mishap lawyer at our firm, you will be able to find out the amount your particular accident situation could be worth.

Costs for clinical trials

The ache and the gloom
Damages to vehicles
Loss of wages
Future and past unfortunate events
Cash-based cost
Incredibly incapacities
Corrective harms

In general, the most serious and catastrophic truck accidents receive more compensation than lesser accidents. In the event of a life-changing accident, a death that is unjust, or traumatic personal injuries an adjudicator, or jury might decide to award a different amount. In the event of a case, the victim may be entitled to financial, noneconomic, or compensatory damages as the victim of a truck crash.

If the party who was responsible was reckless or negligent in the cause of the mishap, you may be eligible for redress by an authorized organization. Our lawyers are not afraid to pursue claims when we believe that it will result in greater compensation for the client.


Based on a possible scenario we will handle all of our cases involving heavy transport crashes. This means that we could have to charge you a fee if we are awarded compensation.

Contact our physical issue company promptly to arrange a free consultation with a seasoned Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to discuss your transport mishap and the possibility of obtaining insurance. We have ten office places in Southern California where we serve our clients.

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